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Looking for a class based option for either Early Childhood or Aged Care?


Classes commence in February 2016 on both the northside and southside of Brisbane.


Student fees from only $14*


Contact us now for more information or refer to one of our flyers below. 


*$14 applies to CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care with eligible concession. Non concession is $28. 

CHC30113 Certtificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is $18 concession or $36 non concession.  

Above prices are applicable to our class based model only.


For NSW students - fees from as little as $240! (Traineeships, Workplace based and External options). *In some cases, training is even free!


For all funded programs, student contribution fees apply and vary according to mode of study chosen, concession eligibility and course selected.

Remaining course fees are funded by DET (QLD Government) and State Training Services (NSW Government).

Please refer to the relevant Course Guide for all information on fees and eligibility. In addition, it is important you read the Student Handbook and pay attention to policies regarding fees, consumer protection, cooling off periods, cancellations and refunds, deferring studies and all parties roles and responsibilities. 


*Some students may be exempt from fees depending on eligibility:

Year 12 School leavers - QLD Read Here

Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders - NSW Read Here

Students with a Disability - NSW Read Here

School Based Trainees and Apprentices - QLD Read Here 


To assist in helping you decide what is best for you and your study needs, please call our office and speak to an enrolments officer or refer to one of the available fact sheets or websites for further information. 

Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD)

Higher Level Skills (QLD)

Smart and Skilled (NSW)

User Choice (QLD) 


Training is available in several modes of study:

  •  Classroom
  •  External
  •  Workplace based
  •  Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
Call today to enrol on 1300 327 708.
For more information refer to some of our current flyers:

Aged Care (Workplace Based, RPL and External)


Aged Care (Class Based - Brisbane South)    Aged Care (Class Based - Brisbane North)  


Early Childhood Education and Care (Workplace Based, RPL and External)


Early Childhood Education and Care (Class Based - Brisbane South)  


Early Childhood Education and Care (Class based - Brisbane North)     


Note to QLD students: Eligible individuals must understand that the entitlement under the Certificate 3 Guarantee is for one Government subsidised training place in a funded Certificate III qualification. or under the Higher Level Skills - one Certificate IV or higher qualification. It is very important that you take the time to consider and compare your training options and costs, before signing an enrolment form or committing to a course of study which will use up your entitlement. 


Summary of ASQA Re-Registration audit


TLC had it's re-registration audit on the 22nd July 2014. A few minor changes were required which were corrected on the day resulting in registration being granted without further rectification needed post audit. TLC Training Solutions is now registered until the 31st December 2019.


As required by ASQA, below is a link to our re-registration audit report. Details of our registration and scope can be found on  RTO Code: 31970


Audit results available here


Summary of AQTF audit information - (Audit results available here)


As a Pre-qualified Supplier under the User Choice 2010 – 2015 program, TLC Training Solutions Pty Ltd is required to publish audit information in relation to it’s compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).
The User Choice program provides public funding paid directly to Pre-qualified Suppliers for the delivery of accredited entry-level training to eligible Apprentices and Trainees.
The AQTF is the national set of standards which assures nationally consistent, high-quality training and assessment services for the clients of Australia’s vocational education and training system.
An AQTF audit reviews evidence of an organisations’ compliance with the requirements of the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards of Initial/Continuing Registration to confirm that it is achieving quality training and assessment outcomes.  The process also identifies opportunities for improvement on these outcomes.
This information is published to assist apprentices, trainees and their employers to make informed decisions regarding their selection of a Pre-qualified Supplier for the delivery of training and assessment services.
TLC's last AQTF Audit was conducted on the 14th September 2010. Results are attached in the  AQTF Audit Table  for review. 
In addition, TLC undergoes audits in relaton to their complaince against requirements as a Pre Qualified Supplier for delivery of State funded programs in QLD.
TLC's last UC audit was the 13th and 14th March 2013. No audit summary report was required as no significant non compliances or suggestions for improvement were identified. The audit was not required to continue into the second scheduled day.

View audit report (This is in letter format only. No audit report was required)